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Homes by Price + Hou

Together, you get more. That’s the driving philosophy for Scott Price and Janice Hou.

Collaboration is the key to fulfilling client relationships. By working in concert with each client to identify and meet their goals, Scott Price and Janice Hou ensure clients not only receive the service and professionalism they deserve, they get the results they expect.

What’s more, by joining forces, Scott Price and Janice Hou have brought together their unique experiences, skills and winning approach to client relationships to form a real estate partnership that’s so much more than the sum of its parts.

“Our clients benefit from our individual attention and our collective wisdom… We are always working in their best interests. And often, that means finding the right solutions together.” says Scott Price.

Whether those solutions involve negotiating a deal, marketing a property, or providing a client with timely accurate communication about a transaction, Scott Price and Janice Hou get it done.

That’s just part of the value of collaboration at work.


Every organization needs a visionary, and for Price + Hou, that person is Scott. For him, the pull towards real estate was a natural progression. Born into a large family in Northern California, the importance of honest communication and open collaboration, as well as the power of groups having a clearly expressed goal, was impressed upon him from his earliest days.

Scott moved to Los Angeles to follow his passion for music and study business administration, where he immediately developed a keen interest in the world of real estate. His experience as a studio drummer navigating the music industry while it was in a tremendous state of flux taught him the value of passion and persistence–qualities he would soon put to use after finishing his studies.

In 2005, his second year as an agent, Scott joined forces with Janice Hou to form a new kind of real estate team, one predicated on exceptional service above all else. As the company has succeeded at every level, Scott has continually asked one question: “how can we provide even better service for our clients?” This has allowed the team to capitalize on their successes, transitioning from a young start-up to an industry leader in service, technological savvy, and most importantly, customer satisfaction. When Scott is not helping clients and building the team, he still enjoys playing the drums and writing music. He is also an avid traveler, having visited twenty-three countries, with the goal of eventually reaching one hundred.

janiceprofilepicJANICE HOU

Janice Hou’s philosophy is pure: do things simply, and do them well. As the co-founder of the team, she has been the architect of its expansion, implementing each successive vision with seeming effortlessness.

Born and raised in Los Angeles to a Chinese-American family that exposed her to the values of balance, mindfulness, and diligent effort, she has utilized those values to foster an organization that facilitates a seamless, no-stress experience for each of the team’s clients. Janice understands that the creation of a beautiful, harmonious whole is the product of an integrated effort–an effort she seeks to harness for the good of Price + Hou’s clients by anticipating their needs and addressing any worries they might have before they’re even able to arise.

For Janice, the key to success and life generally is in finding a sustainable approach, always opting for better over more. She finds constant inspiration in the vast array of cultures her team’s clients represent; it is her goal that they end each interaction with the feeling that they haven’t just had their needs met, but that they’ve been understood as people. This may be a high standard, but for Janice, that standard is what makes this a worthwhile venture. Indeed, the sense of weightless surprise that clients often feel at the end of a transaction, a sense of, “wow, that felt easy” can be attributed to the organizational culture Janice has created. To her, this statement is a sign of a job well done; she knows that true expertise feels no need to flaunt itself.

4Y5A7704.jpgALEXIS GALLARDO, Buyer Specialist

Often referred to as the heart of the Price + Hou team, Alexis grew up in the cornfields of Indiana, where her Midwestern upbringing instilled a sense of fearless optimism, uncommon decency, and a perpetual love for helping others. When she wasn’t busy learning the fundamentals of customer service and entrepreneurship from her father, who runs a successful event planning company in South Bend, she could likely be found serving as student body president or rocking out to Guns N’ Roses under the tutelage of her older brother.

After a stopover in Knoxville, where she earned a degree in Electronic Media from the University of Tennessee, Alexis packed her bags and headed toward the paradise city, where she found quick success as a television host for CBS, interviewing college athletes and coaches about their excellence both on and off the field. It was in real estate, however, that Alexis eventually found the perfect vocation for the skills she had been honing throughout her life: an arena where she could serve others while learning about their desires and what makes them unique, then using that knowledge to guide them through the process of buying a place that they call home. For Alexis, there is no greater privilege. When she isn’t helping buyers, she can often be found hosting dinner parties at her home in Mar Vista or enjoying the live music at one of LA’s iconic venues with her husband Octavio.

MARK MENDEZ, Buyer Specialist

For Mark Mendez, the words of T.S. Eliot ring true: “the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” As a native of Venice, Mark grew up in a working class neighborhood with a single mother from whom he learned the value of hard work. Ambitious to make his mark on the world, Mendez matriculated to the University of Southern California, where he earned a degree in Architecture. Upon graduation, he began designing high-end residential homes throughout Los Angeles at the highly regarded firms Marmol Radziner and Associates and Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects.

Throughout his experiences as an architect, Mark learned something about himself: as much as he enjoyed the process of designing a beautiful home, his true passion lie in sharing his love of great design with others. What started as a personal investment in the real estate market eventually blossomed into a hobby, and then a full-­time pursuit with his joining of the Price + Hou team in 2015. For Mark, great architecture is about ensuring the design of a home complements its surroundings. As a realtor he takes a similar approach, helping match each of his clients to the home that suits their needs on an elemental level. By joining the team, Mark has brought his life full circle, returning to the Westside community that made him who he is, but with the depth of knowledge, skills, and commitment to help others find a home where he first had his.

DIANA POULOS, Director of Operations

Born and raised in Carmel, Indiana, Diana always dreamed of living in the big city. Soon after receiving a degree in Visual Communications, Diana headed West to live under the California sun. Her dream-big attitude and cheerful outlook lead her to find passion in the projects she manages. With a background in design, marketing + customer relations, she has been able to naturally transition and focus on her passion for real estate. Her ultimate goal in life is to help people find joy in their lives.


JENNIE FIGUEROA, Creative Director

Behind every great story is a great story teller. Our creative director, Jennie Figueroa, is just that.
Jennie graduated from California State University, Los Angeles with a B.A. in Film and Media Studies and obtained her real estate license shortly thereafter. While cutting her teeth in the industry, Jennie produces creative media content for Homes by Price + Hou – one of the top real estate teams on the Westside of Los Angeles. From generating memorable social media contentto helping Buyers and Sellers achieve their real estate goals, Jennie has met every challenge with style and a positive, solutions-based attitude. With her creations and her clients, she follows these three principles: improve + innovate + inspire.

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