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Desiree O.

Scott and Janice took excellent care of me.

I was in Los Angeles from out of state in order to deal with family medical and financial issues, one of which was the sale of my mother’s house.   I had never bought or sold a home before and I needed a lot of explaining and handholding.  They listened to me and took the time to understand my situation and concerns.  At the time, I was feeling overwhelmed with family issues.  I was also cognizant of needing to return home before the sale was completed.  I needed a one-stop, “turnkey” solution, and that’s what they delivered.  It took considerable pressure off my shoulders to be able to leave the sale of the house in their capable hands.

Scott and Janice went out of their way to explain the sale process, to let me know what to expect, and to shepherd me through the negotiations, decision points and paperwork.  There were some complications along the way and they took extra care to advise me on my options and to develop creative solutions.  They even helped with arranging contractors for required repairs, keeping in mind my budget and timeline concerns.

To sum it all up, Scott and Janice gave me peace of mind during a very stressful time.  I couldn’t have gotten through it without their caring and competent assistance.

Selisa L.

Although an exciting time, the purchase of a home can be overwhelming. With the help of Mark Mendez and the Price + Hou team, the overwhelm was quickly forgotten.

From the initial offer write up, to the detailed and thorough emails, to removal of contingencies, and the rest of the tedious process, Mark was beyond supportive. His calm and easy going demeanor always made us feel like everything was under control.

Even when Mark had to leave the country for an event, Scott seamlessly picked up the pieces and was just as amazing. A few surprises appeared during this purchase, yet when Scott called, he had creative ideas on how to approach the situations and left us confident in our decisions to move forward.

We not once had to call and ask updates of statuses for they always kept us in the loop. We did not have to search for contractors to take care of needed work for the lender for they called various locations and got us the best deal. Even the loan communication was excellent.

When we finally closed, Mark showed up with balloons for the kids and champagne for my husband and I to celebrate with.

All in all, Mark and Price + Hou are prime examples of agents with integrity and true team work. We felt and feel CARED for and are happy we found our dream house to call home.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Mark, Scott and team!!!

Michael Silver

P+H Price Hou and Associates might be the best in the business! My family has bought and sold a number of properties in the Los Angeles area over the last decade. Scott, Janice and Alexis never sugar coated anything and made the sale of my condo so easy and fast they would be my first thought to buy or sell anything ever again! I’ve met a lot of realtors over the years and they are the first team to do what they say and follow through across every spectrum of the process. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone wanting the best for the sale or purchase of their next place!

Jack + Susan Silver

Over the years I have dealt with a good many different real estate agents. To be frank, I am not generally a “booster” of real estate agents. That said, I have got to say that my experience in working with you has been outstanding in a number of areas. First and foremost, you said what you were going to do, and then you did it! You and your team were professional; on time; responsive and most importantly, you delivered. During the selling process you were there when ever we had questions and kept us informed throughout the process.

Jeff + An Amlotte

If you are looking for a listing agent, look no further. Scott and Janice are the way to go. Not only did they manage to sell our condo for a record price in less than two weeks, they couldn’t have made the process any easier, and you couldn’t find two more pleasant people to work with.

From the start, Scott was extremely responsive and detail-oriented. It is baffling to me how few people in business these days take the time to understand your questions and actually answer them. Scott does. All of the questions. Every time. And as first-time sellers, we had a lots of questions. In a seemingly effortless way, he helped us navigate the process from start to finish, explaining along the way whatever we didn’t understand.

The property we sold was occupied by tenants, and we live 45 minutes away. Scott and Janice were there for us whenever we couldn’t be, which was a lot of the time. During escrow, they handled all the appointments with inspector, appraiser, retro-fitter, handyman, you name it. They are very hands-on and organized, so there were no last-minute surprises in the days leading up to escrow closing. They had been so on top of things from the very beginning, we could always feel that we were ahead of the game. This made for a very low-stress sale for us.

Scott and Janice worked around everyone’s schedules with patience and grace, were always polite to everyone involved and never applied any pressure. As a former HOA board member, I’ve had to deal with listing agents before and let me tell you, you cannot take that for granted.

Janice’s warmth and enthusiasm paired with Scott’s charm and keen business sense truly make for a winning combination. It was as if we had picked two trusted friends to handle the transaction for us, friends who just happened to be extremely knowledgeable about real estate. Throughout the process, we felt that they had our best interest at heart. You simply cannot put a price on that kind of peace of mind. You will not regret it if you choose them to represent you.

Valerie Petersen

Scott Price and Janice Hou are in a league of their own!

My husband and I got the keys to our first home today, thanks to Scott. From the first time we met him, he made it very clear that what was most important was for us to feel comfortable with the home buying process – including him. After spending three or more hours walking us through how home-buying works and the paperwork it entails (for free), if we had decided we didn’t like him he would have fully supported our decision to go with someone else. It truly is paramount to him that his clients feel at peace and secure throughout the home buying process.

Scott wrote over twenty offers for my husband and I, and put HOURS of work into helping us secure a home. We even got an offer accepted (great house, great interest rate, great price) and ended up pulling out because I got cold feet. Throughout that entire process Scott was extremely kind, patient, calm, supportive, and understanding. His professionalism never wavered, and neither did his commitment to helping us find the perfect home.

On two occasions my husband and I wanted to see properties when Scott was unavailable, and his partner Janice seamlessly stepped in and took over. She was as warm and wonderful to work with as Scott, and she was actually the one with us when we found the house that we now own. 🙂

We ended up being one of EIGHT offers, and ours was accepted despite fierce competition and offers that were significantly higher than the one we put in – despite all of that, Scott helped us put together an extremely strong offer and worked his heart out for us, and made it happen.

He’s also the type of classy guy who, when you get your keys, will be waiting at your new home with balloons and a bottle of champagne. He’s a great guy, an incredible realtor, and wonderful to be around.

I will be highly recommending and endorsing Scott to all of my friends and family members.

Harry Brandt

As a first time home buyer, there was a lot to figure out, but Scott walked us through every step of the way. He had a great sense of what was normal and what might be troublesome, so that we were never worried about small things and could trust him if a house we looked at had something dicey about it.

I was overwhelmed with how much goes into buying a house, but Scott helped us at every phase. He is a great communicator, and even in those moments when you are waiting and waiting to hear from some one (seller, estimates, etc), Scott will shoot you an email just to let you know he hasn’t heard anything, but is still working on getting a response.

Then when we were ready to close, Scott was awesome throughout escrow. He helped get us a great and knowledgeable home inspection, good quotes on work that needed to be done, and he got us a great credit from the seller. Scott is awesome, and I would strongly recommend (in fact I already have to friends) P+H and Associates for those in the market to buy a house.

Ashley Russell

I’ve been lucky enough to work directly with Scott on several purchases. There’s really nothing more important (or stressful!) that you do than purchase a home whether it be your first or your 15th. Scott walks each of his clients through all the steps of this process so you know what to expect at each step. He genuinely cares about making sure you get the right house for you. -Part of his “to-do” once an offer is accepted is to make sure you’re comfortable with the home at all hours of the day or night.

Scott’s tenacity gets many of his offers accepted so his clients get the house they want. He takes an approach as though each client is his family or good friend and counsels you through things you may not consider.

Long story short, if you’re looking for a realtor that’s going to put your needs first and make sure you’re comfortable throughout the entire process, Scott should be your first call.

Jason + Hiroko Van Marle

For anyone looking for an agent I cannot recommend Scott Price highly enough. Scott helped my wife and I find our first home during the very difficult summer 2013 housing market. Things I really appreciated were his helpful guidance, clear explanations, patience, and knowledge of the market.

From the beginning Scott broke everything down for us and explained what to expect and how to proceed. It was a very relaxed and professional working relationship. He was always quick to respond either to show us a property, or answer questions over the phone or via email.

We really took a long time to find our place. (Just over a year!) We weren’t in a rush early on, and Scott was patient the entire time. He never tired or stopped helping us whenever we needed him. He was also crucial in these past few month as the market really heated up. It was getting demoralizing bidding on places with 15-20+ competing offers and I really have to thank him for helping us stay optimistic.

Over that time I can attest he also really knows his market. One advantage of taking so long is you get to see how sales unfold. We witnessed several properties that sold where he had estimated the sale price spot on – including ours.

Finally, a huge testament to his professionalism is in how quickly we closed. For me this was probably the most challenging part of buying a home as this is our first and he really made it manageable. He gave us a checklist and stayed in frequent contact with us throughout closing. We followed his advice and wound up closing in exactly 21 days. I understand that’s not the norm, and a lot also depends on your lender, the loan, your finances, escrow, etc., but it was a very smooth and hassle free process for us. Scott guided us through it all and definitely helped make that possible.

Hopefully you found this review helpful. We’ll definitely work with him again in the future and I would send any of my family or friends his way as well.

Micah + Laura Lamdin

My wife and I are in the process of buying a home (we close this week) and have been using Scott Price as our agent. We’re brand new to the homebuying process and we found Scott through Yelp (we saw all the five star reviews and figured it was worth giving him a shot).

I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. I called Scott on a Monday morning and gave him a few details about what we were looking for in a house. He came by our apartment that night and brought with him a sample contract and a list of all the homes in the areas we were interested in that had closed in the previous three months. He then spent two hours going through the contract with us, answering all our questions, and generally doing everything he could to make an overwhelming and scary process easier.

Throughout the search process, Scott was nothing but helpful and on top of things. He set up a custom search to email us daily listings that might fit our criteria, walked through open houses with us and helped educate us on things to look for (bolted foundation, copper plumbing, etc). He continually encouraged us to wait until we found something that we loved, and not to just settle because inventory is so low. Scott is there to help you buy a house that you really want, not to get you to buy something so he can get a commission.

When we were finally ready to put down an offer, he put together a clean, compelling offer quickly and advocated well enough for us that it was accepted against a number of competing offers. Throughout the escrow process, he’s been on top of things every step of the way and made sure we had everything done when it needed to be done.

Scott also knows great people. Every single person he’s recommended to us so far (inspectors, contractors, etc) is high quality and really seems to know what they’re doing. Owning a house is a lot of work – if something breaks, it’s your responsibility to fix it now. But we feel a lot more secure about the idea knowing that we can just call Scott and ask him for a handyman recommendation, or a plumber recommendation, and we’ll get someone who will do the job right.

We recommended him to a couple good friends of ours already, and will continue to do so to everyone we know who wants to buy a house. Especially if they’re a first time homebuyer. I can’t imagine finding a better real estate agent to work with.

Don + Danielle Witzel

My husband and I spent many a fun Sunday afternoon with both Scott Price and Janice Hou at Open Houses over the past few years. We used Scott and Janice to buy a house, sell a house, and buy another house. And we would be quick to use them again in the future. We first met Scott at an Open House he was showing in Santa Monica and liked his personality and no-pressure approach so much that we sought him out to be our agent. And while there’s no pressure with Scott, he’s still all business when it comes to getting you what you want. The same can be said about Janice, who we also worked with a great deal. She’s a delight. In fact, we found Scott and Janice to be a true partnership in that they helped us equally. They were always available to work around our schedule and insisted that the process of buying a house was dictated by us. We never felt time pressure to buy something and Scott and Janice were always happy to do comps and other analysis to help us assess a house, even if we chose not to put an offer on it. And their patient approach paid off as we are now living in a wonderful house in our dream location. And the day we got the keys to the house, we were greeted by balloons, mimosas and gourmet dog treats for our puppy courtesy of P+H. Dog treats for our puppy. Need we say more?

Connor + Kelley Swegle

I met Scott Price through a co-worker’s referral. I had mentioned that I wanted a smart, dedicated, and knowledgable agent for buying my first home. From first speaking with Scott, he far exceeded expectations. He predicated our first meeting by saying that he just wanted to listen to our needs and provide information that would help us whether we worked together or not. We knew that it was a great fit right away. Throughout the process he provided us filtered listings in our area of choice- Mar Vista – and provided insights as to positives and negatives. We never felt pressure, and were constantly supported through the decision-making process. When in the offer process and through the closing, he navigated the selling party and provided us with the right information to make it a successful venture. When relevant, we worked with Janice to review properties and ask questions. She was equally helpful. We are very happy with the process and I would recommend Scott and P+H Price Hou and Associates overwhelmingly.

Ayal Shmilovich

Scott Price is my real estate consultant. I use the word consultant, rather than agent or broker, because I really feel that he is working with me, rather than working on a commission and transactional basis. Scott always has my best interests at heart. He is the most honest, loyal, and knowledgeable real estate professional I have worked with.

Scott is always doing what is in my best interest. He makes recommendations for me, not by how much money it will make for him, but whether it is the best option for me. He goes above and beyond the call of duty and I truly feel like I am working with a friend and colleague.

Scott is in constant contact with me and doesn’t call me just to see if I’m in the market for a house. He calls me to talk and see how I am doing.

I would recommend Scott Price to any person looking to work with a truly outstanding and knowledgeable person. Give him a shot, and believe me, you will not be disappointed!”
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<strong>Thomas + Heather</strong>
“Scott PRice was helpful, supportive and honest. He helped us find our dream home and spent the extra effort to be available when we had any questions or concerns. It is the unexpected kindness that makes true service best! Janice helped celebrate and was the perfect compliment to a great team. Thank you both for actively listening to our needs and for making our dream come true!

Pancy Lin

Janice Hou is a top-notch and full service real estate agent. She’s the total package. We worked with her when my brother bought his place in Century City. While dedicated and hard-working throughout the entire purchase process, what’s most impressive about Janice is that she follows through even after the sale. You can call her after escrow has closed, and she’ll always have helpful advice and reliable referrals. Importantly, she also recognizes that my time is valuable, so she takes on all the “dirty details” so you don’t have to.

If you want a painless and efficient real estate transaction, and someone that will take care of you before, during, and after the process, go with Janice.

Carey + Crystal Melton

Scott Price and Janice Hou were our brokers when we bought our first home. Both were very knowledgeable about West Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. After living in LA area for over 25 years, I thought I knew the area well, but Scott and Janice showed us areas that became our number 1 and 2 areas where we wanted to buy. During the process, both helped explain the ins and outs of buying a home, while still being able to point out the advantages/disadvantages to every property that we viewed. Even after we were in our house, both were available to answer any questions we might have. In short, I highly recommend Scott and Janice.

Christian + Rachel Corollo

My husband and I found Scott Price and Janice Hou through a referral so we already knew that they were top notch. But after successfully getting us into a new home and selling our condo, we are fans for life! With Janice and Scott guiding us, our home buying process was smooth as could be. And for our condo sale they were able to get us highest price per sq ft in the past year in our zip code 90405. We highly and enthusiastically recommend these two!

Gavin + Nicole Baxter

Two years ago my husband and I were fortunate enough to spot a P+H sign on one of their Santa Monica listings, and while I usually go off referrals, I was struck by the quality of properties on their website. As a result, we decided to meet with Janice Hou, and two weeks ago today, she helped us close on a property in Santa Monica that ticked every box on our list. As first time homebuyers, our learning curve was steep, but Janice guided us through the process with patience, respect, humor and determination, although I should probably emphasize the patience part. When we started our search, we were open to a wide range of areas and properties, which she happily guided us through, but as time went on, what we wanted changed direction, multiple times, then ended up becoming incredibly specific (translation: hard to find). But through all these twists and turns, Janice let us know she was there for us- day or night. She never pushed us toward a place that wasn’t right for us, and ultimately helped us find the perfect home. In fact, she continually reminded us that when it’s the right place, you’ll just know, and when she called us with a listing that she felt could be “the one,” I finally understood what she meant. Even with eight offers on our little beach bungalow, Janice said, “If you want this property, I’m going to get it for you,” and she did. From the moment our offer was accepted to receiving the keys, everything just lined up, and we closed in thirty-one days.

Janice is professional, thorough, and the right amount of tough, but she’s also funny, warm and a pleasure to be around. Another review mentioned how they’ve even asked her questions after the deal was done, and I have to second that. We’ve already had our fair share of questions, and Janice is always happy and quick to respond. That must be the patience part, once again.

In short: we’ll be using Janice again (although I can’t imagine that being for a long time as we love our new home) and have nothing but great things to say about her.

Walt Jones + Kit Clark

Hard not to write a review that sounds too much like a sales flyer, but seriously… Scott Price and Janice Hou are awesome.

We have been through several transactions with Scott and Janice and can’t really imagine going with anyone else. Not only do they totally know their stuff and will fight to get you the best possible deal (one of our purchases is apparently legendary in the real estate community for the deal we got), but they’re great to work with. Buying and selling can be a stressful process, but they made it fun at every step. They even cleaned our house every time we had a showing!

I secretly wish we needed to buy or sell more houses so we could use them more often.

John + Christina Gilmour

We found Scott through a close friend who had just recently bought a house, and we could not have struck gold any better. We can not say enough praise for Scott and his mastery of the realtor business. Above all, Scott is a person you would call friend immediately. The personal attention and good will Scott demonstrated towards our success was without a doubt amazing. Anyone who is thinking about buying a house better call Scott immediately and get him on their team. You will regret it if you don’t!

Kenneth & Megan Walker

If your reading this review, consider yourself lucky that you have been given this opportunity. Going with Scott and Janice was one of the best financial decisions I have ever made. Here’s why…I interviewed two other agents prior to meeting Scott and Janice. Both said I should list my house for $595k and hope to sell at just under $600k. Then I met Scott and Janice. They said my Spanish charmer was unique and should sell for more. They suggested I list at $645. I was actually concerned that was too high but their confidence was convincing. They had done their homework and knew the comps in the area so i gave them a shot. They came in, decorated and staged my house to the point I almost didn’t want to sell. To make a long story short, they sold the house in just 3 weeks for $650K ($55k more than the other agents were ready to sell it for)! I cannot recommend Scott and Janice highly enough.

Nick Henning

In a nutshell, Scott did an incredible job as our agent. He made the buying experience feel very simple and straightforward. He was incredibly responsive and very patient with us as first-time buyers with our many questions and concerns. He was very knowledgeable about the Westside and Santa Monica areas, and clearly has strong professional relationships with many realtors in the area. Even after showing us a large number of houses, Scott continued to encourage us to follow our heart and make sure we were 100% confident that this was the right house for us and our family. His advice on each property, and he made sure to only give it when we asked for it, was helpful, clear and brutally honest when it needed to be.

When it came time to move forward on a property that was a great price and one that we loved, he served as an excellent mediator between us, the seller and their agent, and our lender to complete a very quick (28 day!) escrow under strict FHA guidelines. We love our new (and first) home!

His positive attitude, care, and great energy made our experience a very personalized one. He always made us feel as if we were his only client. We have already recommended Scott to a number of our friends and colleagues.

Frank Tahir

Scott’s strength’s lie in his customer service, period. For a first time home buyer, he will walk you through every stage. For a real estate investor, he will masterfully anticipate a few steps ahead. He professionally caters to the client and goes above and beyond to make sure you’re comfortable through every stage. If you’re looking for an agent who is going to attend to all necessary details, Scott is definitely your guy. I have purchased a few buildings with Scott and will undoubtedly continue that trend.

Joe & Michelle Millstone

Scott knows the market extremely well. He is kind, patient, respectful, knowledgeable and very attentive. He has taken the time and energy to learn our housing desires, likes and dislikes, and recognizes our price parameters. He keeps us informed as new homes come on the market and he always makes the time to show us houses that we wish to see. I will continue to work closely with Scott, and I highly recommend him without reservation to anyone who is in the LA housing market.

Joan Trimble

Simply put, I would not be in my home were it not for the extraordinary knowledge, skill and tenacity of Mr. Price. His expertise made the purchase of my home possible and pleasant, and I therefore highly recommend his services.

Patrick Gillespie

We used P+H to purchase our first home here in Playa del Rey. Scott Price went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay above and beyond the call of duty. I will say that the things that were most important to me were: I wanted to be educated but not made to feel like I was an idiot in this process, I wanted somebody who was going to dig in and fight for the property that WE wanted, at all hours and lastly somebody who made sure that we were getting a good deal with no flaws or lemons. Scott handled all of that for us. His service was hands on and all inclusive. To this day if I have an issue with our home, something as simple as a recommendation for a service to clean our high blinds….Scott is right there. I guess the best part of working with Scott on this deal is that it is almost three years later and his service is ongoing. It has not stopped. Hands down, the best agents on the Westside and I will not, cannot and won’t recommend anyone else. The job gets done right, in a timely fashion, with compassion, sometimes humor but always professional. I wish i could tell more people about the job he did for us. Top notch.

Michelle Pan

Scott Price is a fantastic realtor who delivers a high level of customer service. Scott is easy to work with because he is so personable and has a positive and pleasant demeanor. He was always available to help and went above and beyond for me in every way. Scott is a professional and was consistently prompt and efficient. He fought on my behalf to get me the best possible deal and I am glad that he was on my team. Scott sets no limits to his work and it shows! He will make your home buying, selling, or finding a rental a wonderful experience.

Melissa Yoon

I met Scott in 2005 at an open house he was holding and within minutes thought that he would be the right person to help me sell my townhouse. I was impressed by his knowledge, responsiveness, negotiation skills, and keen eye from the beginning. He helped me get a great price within days of being on the market. He then assisted me with buying a condo and, several years later in 2008, selling it. Despite a very challenging market, Scott brought home another wonderful success — sold within several days for a very reasonable price given local conditions. The service Scott provides is truly top-notch — he educates without being condescending, he debates options without being pushy, and he provides suggestions without being overbearing.

Michael + M'Lissa Fleming

We purchased our first house with Scott back in 2005 and he was fantastic with us being first time buyers. He guided us through the buying process gracefully and helped really educate us on the ins and outs of buying a home. Our next housing change he will be the first person we talk to.

Maria Scremin

Scott is the greatest realtor! He made our experience of buying our first home fun and easy! He has extensive knowledge about home buying/selling and was always responsive to our questions or concerns. He has an amazing expertise on everything you want to know about santa monica/westside- even showed us some shortcuts in our own neighborhood! Scott is extremely organized and responds to emails/phone calls immediately. He made buying our house a great experience! We would very highly recommend Scott to anyone buying or selling!

Tim + Rhea Lin

My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Janice in the purchase of our first home and we could not be more impressed with her. Most importantly, it’s clear that she puts her client’s needs first as opposed to trying to get a quick deal and get paid. She worked with us for over 4 months, visited countless open houses with us, and remained patient, enthusiastic, and supportive through it all until we finally found our dream home. It certainly helped that she’s the type of person who we actually enjoyed spending time with. My normally shy two year old loved her too. I still remember how Janice would play hide and seek with her and entertain her while my wife and I looked through open houses. To us, that spoke volumes. From a professional aspect, she was teriffic. She was extremely knowledgeable about the various areas we were looking in and helped us to focus in on certain pockets, saving us a lot of time. When it came down to making an offer, she not only had a great feel for the market in general but also a feel for the seller and agent we were working with. I am confident that she helped us get the best value possible on our home. In fact, we’ve been in the house for less than a year, and a very similar house down the street just sold for $130K more than what we paid. Throughout the entire process, from initial offer to close of escrow, we always felt comfortable in knowing that she was on top of things. The home buying process can be extremely daunting but she walked us through it every step of the way. Lastly, she was always available and very responsive. It so happened that during the week of our closing, she was going to be on a philanthropic trip to Africa to help build homes – yes, apparently, she’s that kind of person too. Before leaving, she made sure everything was organized and in place and left us in good hands with her partner to ensure everything went smoothly. She even found the time to send a couple emails to check up on things while she was gone. I know this is a long review so in short, if you’re looking for a realtor who will put your needs first and get you an awesome deal, look no further.

Rick + Gail Messner

It’s hard to find the right words to express our appreciation for your terrific service. This has been a whirlwind experience for us; listing and closing escrow in the same month. As first time sellers, you can imagine the range of questions and concerns we had throughout the process. We found Janice and Scott to be professionals of the highest integrity and commitment, very energetic with positive attitudes. They were compassionate, responsive, honest and forthcoming. We liked the fact that they walk the Sunset Park neighborhood and introduced themselves to us long before we were ready to sell our home. We have no reservations in recommending them to our diverse community of friends because we know they will listen and come up with a plan just right for each one. The sale of our home exceeded our expectations in all aspects, especially the 5 days it took to sell and selling over our list price! P+H is a fantastic team and we have already told our friends!!!

Marc D

I was a first-time home buyer and I was referred to Scott Price. Throughout the entire process I would pepper Scott with questions, probably some of them seemed silly, but he always would answer them quickly and understandably. He has a very enthusiastic spirit and it is basically enjoyable and fun to work with him. I bought a short sale, so it took a while, and I would get antsy and want to know information, and he would do his best to make me understand the process and give me some encouragement. What else can I say, I consider myself a pretty good judge of character, I don’t really like too many people (haha) but I can honestly recommend Scott to anyone without hesitation.

Liz Davis

My experience with Janice Hou could not have been better! From the minute I met Janice, I knew she understood exactly what I was looking for and what would be needed to accomplish that goal. When I embarked on the mission to purchase a home, I let Janice know that my time was limited. Janice completely understood my schedule constraints and worked with me to tailor the process to my needs. She pre-screened listings so I wouldn’t have to sift through properties that weren’t within the parameters of what I was looking for. Also, she was extremely efficient about booking the viewings during my lunch break so we could incorporate them into a busy schedule.

All in all, Janice was amazing. It’s still hard for me to believe it, but about three weeks after meeting Janice, I found the home of my dreams. I love everything about my house and I have Janice to thank for helping me find it. I would give Janice the highest recommendation possible and assure anyone contemplating a purchase that Janice will have your back!

Amy Jo + Scott Deguzis

As first time home buyers, we met Janice at an open house in Sunset Park. She was so knowledgeable and helpful, but didn’t pressure us. So when we found our little dream home, we contacted Janice to help guide us through the home buying process. There were multiple offers, but with Janice’s help, we came up with a strategy that won us the house without overpaying! Throughout escrow, Janice was responsive, proactive and made sure we were taken care of. We feel so lucky to have had such a great first time home buying experience–and with a short sale even! (I have to say, we miss talking to Janice multiple times a day now.) We are truly happy with our home and with our wonderful home buying experience, thanks to the P+H team!

Derek + Alison Havel

Scott and Janice have a smart practice of going door-to-door to let locals know when there is a listing in the neighborhood. When I opened the door to them during one of their walk-abouts, I was instantly impressed by their professionalism, honesty and enthusiasm. As a team, they radiated a positive energy that sold me that first day and then continued to resonate throughout the process of selling our house. When we were ready to sell our house, we interviewed a few agents, just to be thorough, but we choose to work with the P+H team based on our positive first impression, their thorough marketing package, and their in-depth knowledge of Sunset Park. They are a “full-service” team, even going as far as assisting us with packing and moving furniture into our garage to improve the appearance of our house! As first-time sellers who had just purchased a new home, we needed to sell quickly and we were very nervous about the process, timing and details. We needn’t have worried – Janice and Scott navigated us smoothly and confidently through the home selling process from beginning to end and we were extremely pleased with the final outcome. I couldn’t be more comfortable in recommending them highly to anyone who wants to buy or sell a home. I can’t express how happy I was (and am) that they knocked on my door that fine spring day in 2009! Thanks again for everything, Derek + Alison Havel

Mark Mendez

Scott Price helped me find and assertively negotiate a great property. He worked diligently with me throughout the process and made sure I was protected every step of the way. He was very professional and his advice was invaluable. Scott was relentless during negotiations and was able to get me back more money than anticipated. Scott and I have built a strong friendship and I trust him with all of my Real Estate business. Buying or selling with anyone else is settling for less.

Susan Stone

Scott and Janice are the Zen Masters of real estate. Their expert wisdom, tenacity and ability to strategize a successful path through the pitfalls of buying real estate in this market made it possible for me to buy my dream home. They negotiated an unbelievable deal for me and I will highly recommend Scott & Janice to anyone looking for an ethical and aggressive Realtor team.

Charlie + Lisa Bay Adams

After having our 3 BD, 2 BA home in Sunset Park on the market for OVER A YEAR with a traditional agent AND for sale by owner, we were feeling a tremendous sense of discouragement and stagnation. Scott Price and Janice Hou brought their effervescent energy and authentic business savvy to gracefully refresh, restyle and successfully sell the house at the highest dollar per sq ft in Sunset Park Santa Monica! Scott & Janice are both a gentle and powerful professional team with a comprehensive understanding of the Santa Monica real estate market. Their complimentary personalities provided a rock solid approach which put us at ease and provided us with the assurance that we desired. After listing our home with Scott & Janice and four short days on the market, we received multiple offers and closed escrow within four weeks! And most importantly, the experience for both the buyers and sellers was peaceful and successful!

Thank you for everything. We are going to refer you to anyone we know buying or selling on the Westside!

With Gratitude,
Charlie & Lisa Bay Adams

Stan + Michelle Chydzik Sowa

Scott Price & Janice Hou helped us sell our home in Sunset Park Santa Monica for the price we wanted. We were so impressed with their level of commitment – from helping us get our home staged to personally going door-to-door in our neighborhood to build excitement about our home. In the past we’ve worked with agents who simply put ads out and waited for the phone to ring. That may work for some people but we found their proactive marketing plan and insightful consulting to be extremely valuable to us. We know there are many traditional agents in Los Angeles but if you’re looking for a high energy team with vision, dedication, personalized service and attention to detail – Scott Price & Janice Hou are the Real Estate Consultants for you”.

— Stan & Michelle Chydzik Sowa

Ranulfo Cornejo + Angela Munoz

Durante varios meses mi esposo y yo buscamos casa para comprar. Nos concentramos en una area muy deseable donde nos interesaba establersernos. Un amigo nos presento a Scott Price, un agente en bienes raizes, Scott se enfoco en lo que buscabamos, fue increible el trato que negocio y nos encontro exactamente lo que teniamos en mente, fue incrieble! El proceso fue facil para nosotros por supuesto porque Scott fui instrumental en negociar lo necesario y desde luego lo hiso siempre con nuestro mejor interes en mente. Aparte de que ahora es un super amigo tambien lo hemos convertido en nuestra familia. Siempre lo recomendare a quien necesite un agente de gran confianza, profesional, con increible experencia y estupenda personalidad! – Ranulfo Cornejo & Angela Munoz

Brad Winkeljohn + Amy Owen

With the dust finally settling, the boxes all unpacked and a fresh coat of paint on the walls – we just wanted to let you know how much we are LOVING the house!

We are so happy here and trying to convince our friends to move to the neighborhood! We are planning a party and will definitely invite you guys, but in the meantime, really wanted to say “Thank you” for sticking with us and making this possible! Cheers!
Thank you Scott Price & Janice Hou!

– From our very special first time home buyers, Brad & Amy Winklejohn

Jessica Altman + Asher Richter

Finding the right home is a challenge and having a supportive agent is essential in that search. The P & H team (Scott Price & Janice Hou) provided us with quality service and support throughout the entire transaction of purchasing our home in Ocean Park. They spend time understanding specific wants/needs and immediately provide a sense of control in a sometimes chaotic and emotional real-estate market. Even with my particular needs, Scott & Janice worked hard for me, which demonstrated the level to which they value my business. The P & H team has earned a lifetime customer in me, as well as everyone that I refer to them. –Jessica Altman & Asher Richter

Mark + Julie Proner

When we first met Scott Price and Janice Hou at one of their open houses, we had just begun our search for a home in Santa Monica. Upon interacting with Janice, Julie and I were very impressed by with Janice’s knowledge, presentation, and professionalism. We were also impressed by the level of positive energy, detailed follow-through and attentiveness that Janice and Scott exhibited. Above all, what we were most impressed with was the deal that Janice negotiated for us when we found our dream home. Janice and Scott methodically and strategically negotiated us a deal that was $86,000 lower than the original asking price! We had an amazing experience with Janice and Scott and had already begun referring friends to them before our transaction was over. The future is bright for this team of high performance realtors, and Julie and I would like to add by saying – Thank you and Go P & H Real Estate Team! Mark & Julie Proner

Walt Jones + Kit Clark

Being a home buyer in today’s market is incredibly overwhelming, but Scott Price made us feel completely comfortable throughout the entire process and really went the extra mile to ensure that we got the best possible deal in Sunset Park Santa Monica. Not only were his offers detailed and professionally presented, but his eagerness to go the extra mile really paid off when we successfully negotiated our purchase while we were eight time zones away in London – for 15% under the asking price! Even when things with the escrow company got hairy during closing, Scott remained enthusiastic and committed to making sure we were taken care of and treated fairly. We are definitely looking forward to working with Scott Price on our next purchase or sale, whenever or whichever it may be! Walt Jones & Kit Clark

Ward + Samira Poulos

Having used P+H as buyers and sellers, I can say without a doubt that Scott Price and Janice Hou are exactly the people you want on your side.

They are professional, knowledgeable, energetic and will really go the extra mile towards getting you the home you want, or helping you get the most value on your home sale. They were very patient with us both as buyers and sellers, which is a rare quality in this industry.

We have referred them every friend we have and will continue to do so. I can’t say enough about how happy we were with all of our experiences with P+H. They are our agents for life! Ward & Samira Poulos

Daniel C.

I’m so glad I found P&H to help me sell my condo. They are professional and responsive, both very important qualities for first time sellers like me. Janice did a great job walking us through each step of the process and we ended up selling our condo over the asking price.

Scott and Janice both have great grasp on the market and helped us with the whole listing process. We had some special requirements and they were more than accommodating to our schedule and needs. I cannot stress how much we appreciated their efforts.  Janice was on top of all the open houses and was very proactive during the offer stage to make sure we entered escrow with the best offer possible. We felt that they were on our side at all times and put our needs first.

Jason Y.

I highly recommend Janice and Scott. They just finished selling my condo in Santa Monica. They were honest, professional and went above and beyond throughout the process.

Here are a few highlights:

1. My home sold in 11 days and 100K+ over asking.

2. The entire process was clearly explained and I felt informed at every step and knew what I had to do next or what we were waiting for.

3. Janice was a ROCK during negotiations.

4. They took care of staging and made it look so good I almost wanted to move back in. Many of my friends saw the listing and thought the photos came from a Design/Architectural magazine. “You didn’t really live there did you?” was a common comment.

5. I ran into mold issues during inspections and they handled all the contractors for remediation and repair.

6. At the tail end of the process I was out of the country and they handled all the last minute issues for me.

7. There were always readily available through text or phone. All e-mail communications were clear and well drafted. (Which I’ve found strangely lacking in prior real-estate experiences)

Lisa Davis

Scott and Janice were recommended to me by a friend who used them in selling and purchasing a Santa Monica home, and if there were 100 stars I would give Scott and Janice 100 stars — they were that awesome.  Scott and Janice helped me sell my Santa Monica home for top dollar.  Scott negotiated on our behalf and really just did an absolutely amazing job.  Scott and Janice were so good that my next door neighbors also hired them and have had the same rave reviews of the job they did.  Scott and Janice made the entire experience easy and pleasant and they handled everything beautifully.  They have an amazing amount of contacts and they really know how to showcase a home and get it in absolutely perfect condition so that it is super attractive to buyers.  They far exceeded my expectations and and were just amazing.  I highly, highly recommend them.

Scott Nolind

Janice Hou and Scott Price assisted me in doing a complicated 1031 exchange for my home in Santa Monica. It was a time sensitive, multi-million dollar transaction. My best friend recommended Janice Hou and Scott Price because they were both knowledgeable and experienced brokers, and he used them for their purchase of their beautiful home in Santa Monica. Fortunately for me, I took my friends wise advise. The buyers broker, unlike mine, was pushy and it seemed he was focused on only his commission. Janice was able to keep the buyers broker at bay, while intelligently steering the deal toward fruition, rather than commission driven chaos the other broker offered. Janice settled my tenants down, negotiated their timely departure from my residence, and allowed me to complete my 1031 exchange successfully. I would recommend this team to anyone that demands integrity, honesty, wants a work ethic from their broker that will surpass your expectations. They drove this deal, instead of being driven by the other broker. Without their expertise and skill I am confident that my sale would have fallen through. I needed a pro in my situation, and I am blessed to have chosen them for my most important real estate deal of my life.

Chaitra H.

Scott and Janice are as good as it gets. A year and a half ago, Scott sold my condo for well above our list price and then helped me purchase another house at a great price. So, a few months ago when I decided to upgrade he was the first person I called. Once again he got me multiple offers and the house sold well above asking. But that’s not even the best part.  Amazingly, Scott and Janice and the rest of their team are also a just really great, down to earth people. The customer service they provide simply can’t be beat. Janice and the rest of the team are there to offer opinions, expertise, and assistance along the way, and both Janice and Scott are on hand to help anytime and every time I call. Somehow they make it feel like I’m their only client. And they have proven time and again that they have my best interest in mind. For example, they have always been quick to think through all of the downsides of each transaction and they automatically point those out for me so that I can make a well-informed decision when I find something I like. Anyway, I just can’t say enough about how good they are as both a seller’s and a buyer’s agent. Their real estate expertise and customer service are truly the best in the business.

Barry S

Scott Price and his associates took exceptionally good care of me and ran the sale of my house in a way that far exceeded my expectations – and not just because the house sold for a price that far exceeded what I imagined it could sell for.

Scott and I had our first meeting two years before we listed, and his advice at every step of the way turned out to be sterling.  His sense of the best ways to proceed made the process easy and productive.  No less, he has great people skills, which I witnessed over and over in his dealings with myself, various bidders, the folks that worked on the house to make it pretty (some of whom he recommended), and everyone on his staff and the support team.   I’m only sorry that I’ve moved from Los Angeles, so I won’t be able to work with him again!

Marina A.

Janice and her team are the best! Before working with Homes by Price + Hou, we were all over the place trying to find our first home. Janice took her time to get to know us and really understand what we were looking for and made the search fun! Their mobile app was a great way to stay updated when we weren’t able to attend showings together. Even during the offer and escrow process, there was great communication and we are now getting ready to move into our dream home! Highly, highly, highly recommend!

Richard G.

My partner and I were just starting our search for our first home together when I was lucky enough to meet Alexis at a meet and greet at WeWork in Santa Monica. My partner and I didn’t know where to start! We were so intimidated by the process of buying our first home, but Alexis was instrumental in guiding us through the whole process. I was immediately impressed by Alexis’s professionalism and knowledge of the real estate industry in Los Angeles. We worked with her from the very first step of getting pre-approved through closing (on our very first home)!

We were all over the place when we first met Alexis – we wanted to look at condos, townhouses, and single-family homes from the Mar Vista to Culver to West Adams. Alexis immediately felt like a best friend who was looking out for our best interests and making sure we found a home we loved. She listened to what we were looking for, learned about us and our family so she could find the perfect match for our new home. Once we had an offer excepted, we spoke with Alexis almost daily (we were little bundles of stress the whole time). We’d start off each call totally intimidated and confused, but Alexis walked us through every detail, helped give us perspective, answered every question, and really made us feel like we had someone on our side. When you work with Alexis, you also get the rest of her team’s support too – everyone at P+H was super knowledgeable and friendly and jumped in with advice when we needed them.

Buying your first home is such a special part of your life, and we’re so grateful to Alexis for helping us find the perfect match for our family. We’ll be working with them again when it’s time for us to find another home, and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for their next home.

Ben K.

Without a doubt the best agents we have worked with in LA. Always responsive to emails, available by phone when we needed to talk, Janice was a pleasure to work with for the whole experience of selling our place. They took care of all the paperwork, arranged cleanings and repairs and got us a great price for our condo. Honestly can’t say enough good things about our experience with P+H.

Neal Y.

What other great things can I say that hasn’t already been said?  The whole home buying experience was made so much easier with Janice. She was an absolute pleasure to work with – a true professional with a lot of knowledge in real estate who made sure we were comfortable with our decision to put a bid on a house.  We eventually bought a place and it was thanks to Janice who was patient with us, and helped us through every step of the process.   Above all, she is a great person, somebody you can trust and depend on and I would highly recommend her to others.


Janice and Scott rock! The best agents out there.  They really really are honest and care about not just finding the right place but making sure you get what you want and are there for you every step of the way as if it was their own transaction!!  I am out of state and they accommodated last minute showings and made videos of places they thought I would have interest in.  Scott went above and beyond, every step of the way with guidance and getting professionals involved  whenever necessary.  He is always available and ready and willing to help giving thoughtful attention to every aspect of every transaction.  They are a great team and true gems!! I highly recommend them both!

Jess R.

Scott Price and Janice Hou are simply the best tag-team a buyer could have!  My husband and I have been working with them since 2005 when we bought our starter home.  The consultative style, endless support and candid guidance they provide is as first-class.  They helped us to feel more and more comfortable every step of the way- which does not often happen during real-estate transactions.  Both Scott and Janice are extremely organized, concise, hardworking and great at their job. They work exceedingly well as a team, complementing each-other’s strengths and appealing to a broad range of buyers/sellers.

We most recently selected them to represent us again, as we purchased our next-level home.  It had been quite a while since we went through the buying process and Scott & Janice demonstrated their value yet again.  They professionally advocated on our behalf at every point in the transaction with the sellers.  We genuinely felt that they not only had our best interests at heart, but also deeply cared about the overall value of our investment.  They worked around our schedule and were always immediately responsive to our questions/requests, even after we closed escrow on our beautiful new home.  If you are in the market for a realtor, your search should stop here!

Samia R.

Janice Hou just helped us close on our very first home in Culver City. She was the most professional, upbeat, positive, wise, and helpful realtor we could have asked for….especially in this type of market. She was calm, encouraging, and genuine. She listened to our concerns and worked with us to find the perfect home. She advised us wisely when we were deciding on offers and which way to go on properties. She’s objective, considerate, and she KNOWS the market. She also really knows the West Side.

Her clients are her priority–any time of the day or night. We have had several phone calls with her in the evenings, in the mornings, and any time in between. Her work is complete, thorough, and detailed….she doesn’t miss a beat.

We not only consider her our realtor, but she is officially part of the family. She even showed up on “demolition day” with champagne, balloons, and apple cider for those who could not drink the champagne! She went out of her way and was genuinely happy for us–and we have always felt this way about her, ever since we started working with her!

We recommend Janice (and Scott) without reservation or hesitation for the work they do. You will be so pleased you made this decision. We are 🙂

Hats off to Janice Hou & Scott Price. They seriously ROCK….and they do know the West Side.

Michael G.

Surely, a newly renovated home nearing completion, but not done – is the hardest real estate sale and in the 2010 selling market even harder. When we partnered – I mean partnered – with Scott and Janice to prep, market, list and sell our home, the conundrum was immediately solved. They literally finished our reno with us – no, For US! – sleeves rolled-up, designer and painters hats on and badda-bing we began our fabulous Open Houses with style.

We had to pow-wow about how to price and then reprice, but we trusted them to find the sweet-spot of a custom home; matching with that perfect buyer. We sold to a great family and additionally Janice and Scott handled a lease back from the new buyers to give us and them the time needed after closing.

List your Home with P+H Price Hou and Associates. Then tell your story, I can’t wait to read it!

Michael G.

Bobby H.

Janice and Scott are absolutely wonderful real estate agents!!! I have referred many people to them and have only heard great things!! I subscribe to their newsletter and get updated on the new properties up for sale in the area. They also send out information about some of their clients businesses, which I thought was extremely helpful. In addition to providing phenomenal service, they are also philanthropists, donating their time to local food and clothing drives and supporting local non-profit organizations like the boys and girls club. Once, Janice included me in an auction she was a part of for the boys and girls club where I was able to make a donation.
Anyway, to sum it all up, P+H, highly recommended!

George E.

My wife and I started our search for a new home over a year ago, and we were very fortunate to have Janice along to help us. She guided us through the process as first time buyers, from start to finish never hesitating to answer any questions we had, explain how things worked, and help find us exactly what we wanted. We started off with all kinds of varying ideas about what we thought we’d need or want in a home, and by the end we found the perfect place, thanks to Janice’s patience, attention, and ability. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Bennett + Jessica

As first time home buyers we needed an education in real estate and really needed to be walked through every single step of the home buying process. From the moment we met Scott Price he made us feel very comfortable with his non-pushy and reassuring approach.
He always responded very promptly to any kind questions (we had many) and was very easy to correspond with via email, text, and phone. He was willing to drive long distances at unreasonable hours to give us the jump on new listings, it was because of this that we found the perfect property and were able to offer on it first.
He recommended several great contacts when requested, which made the process even quicker and smoother.
Most importantly, he inspired confidence with his genuine knowledge of real estate and the most important things to know when buying a home. He really wanted us to make the right decision.
We would highly recommend Scott Price to anybody.
Thanks to him we found the perfect home and could not be happier!

Angela C.

Moving is a nightmare but Janice made it so easy! I had to relocate to LA for my job and with only a few weeks to make it happen, P+H made it possible. I could not have dreamed of a better experience. Janice was extremely accommodating of my needs, desires, and limitations and worked with me to make this such an easy move. She worked around my time schedule and was willing to meet with me any time, any where. I had anticipated piles of paperwork and weeks of stress, but Janice did it all!

Most importantly, Janice has continued to keep in touch long after I’ve settled in. I owe this seamless adjustment to LA life entirely to P+H. I was able to turn to Janice to refer me to a reliable handyman and housekeeper instead of risking a bad experience.

You cannot find more thoughtful and warm real estate agents. Janice Hou and Scott Price will exceed all your expectations.

Gavin B.

Two years ago my wife and I were fortunate enough to spot a P+H sign on one of their Santa Monica listings, and while I usually go off referrals, I was struck by the quality of properties on their website. As a result, we decided to meet with Janice Hou, and two weeks ago today, she helped us close on a property in Santa Monica that ticked every box on our list. As first time homebuyers, our learning curve was steep, but Janice guided us through the process with patience, respect, humor and determination, although I should probably emphasize the patience part. When we started our search, we were open to a wide range of areas and properties, which she happily guided us through, but as time went on, what we wanted changed direction, multiple times, then ended up becoming incredibly specific (translation: hard to find). But through all these twists and turns, Janice let us know she was there for us- day or night. She never pushed us toward a place that wasn’t right for us, and ultimately helped us find the perfect home. In fact, she continually reminded us that when it’s the right place, you’ll just know, and when she called us with a listing that she felt could be “the one,” I finally understood what she meant. Even with eight offers on our little beach bungalow, Janice said, “If you want this property, I’m going to get it for you,” and she did. From the moment our offer was accepted to receiving the keys, everything just lined up, and we closed in thirty-one days.

Janice is professional, thorough, and the right amount of tough, but she’s also funny, warm and a pleasure to be around. Another review mentioned how they’ve even asked her questions after the deal was done, and I have to second that. We’ve already had our fair share of questions, and Janice is always happy and quick to respond. That must be the patience part, once again.

In short: we’ll be using Janice again (although I can’t imagine that being for a long time as we love our new home) and have nothing but great things to say about her.

Eva V.

Now that the keys to our new condo are in our hot little hands, I would like to fully endorse P+H, specifically our fabulous real estate agent Janice Hou. All told we worked with her for approximately three months and looked at about a dozen different condos before we found “the one”. Through the entire process Janice was helpful, encouraging, reliable, and extremely knowledgeable about the housing market. She wanted us to be 100% satisfied with our eventual choice and always made us feel comfortable and in control. Being first-time home buyers, my husband and I needed a bit of hand-holding and someone who knew a lot and was happy to teach. Janice provided us with an ideal first experience and I cannot say enough good things about her!

Sabrina T.

The hubs and I had the pleasure of working with Janice to purchase our first home! She was so invaluable in this experience. We were in escrow for a very long time (over 60 days!) but throughout the process she was on the lenders to keep things moving forward – getting docs signed, answering emails/calls/texts within the hour, even pacifying the fed up sellers.

There was about a week where Janice had to take care of personal matters and during that period, Scott stepped in seamlessly, taking care of everything (including getting us a 3-week extension on our escrow) without having to fill him in. We were pleasantly surprised. To wrap this up, de’d definitely go back with Janice and Scott for our future sale/purchases – Janice is super knowledgable about the real estate market (you think you know, but she knows so much more!), she knows west LA like the back of her hand, you feel like she genuinely cares about getting you what you want and she’s just plain fun to be around.

Sinead D.

My husband and I were first time home buyers, who knew NOTHING about buying a house, so I knew the right agent was essential. After lots of research and reading of reviews, we contacted P+H and met with Janice Hou. From the beginning, we felt we’d met someone who was not just knowledgeable, professional and experienced, but also someone we could trust to guide us through such a big purchase. She listened carefully to us, answered all our questions and helped us figure out a plan to start finding our home.

At that point, our search was fairly open to any neighborhood within decent commuting distance, and that fell within our price range. Janice happily accompanied us to potential properties all over LA, sometimes going from one end of the city to another in a single day. She helped us evaluate the properties, showing us what to look for and things to consider about each property, which ultimately helped us narrow our search down to what we realized we actually wanted. We looked at a LOT of houses, but she was helpful, and patient the whole time. Plus, she’s also very upbeat and fun to be around, so we genuinely enjoyed the whole experience with her!

When we finally found our home, Janice was there every step of the way to make sure we got the best deal possible and also a fair deal, especially with a somewhat difficult seller. At no point did we feel pressured to move forward if we didn’t feel comfortable, and felt that Janice was on our side 100% the entire time. Again, she continued to be very patient in answering all our questions through the buying process, and being first time buyers, we had plenty.

We closed a few weeks ago (yay!), but she’s continued to answer questions and keep in touch to make sure all is well. I cannot say enough good things! I have already recommended her to several friends and will continue to do so. She’s amazing!

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