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Scott N.

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Janice Hou and Scott Price assisted me in doing a complicated 1031 exchange for my home in Santa Monica. It was a time sensitive, multi-million dollar transaction. My best friend recommended Janice Hou and Scott Price because they were both knowledgeable and experienced brokers, and he used them for their purchase of their beautiful home in Santa Monica. Fortunately for me, I took my friends wise advise. The buyers broker, unlike mine, was pushy and it seemed he was focused on only his commission. Janice was able to keep the buyers broker at bay, while intelligently steering the deal toward fruition, rather than commission driven chaos the other broker offered. Janice settled my tenants down, negotiated their timely departure from my residence, and allowed me to complete my 1031 exchange successfully. I would recommend this team to anyone that demands integrity, honesty, wants a work ethic from their broker that will surpass your expectations. They drove this deal, instead of being driven by the other broker. Without their expertise and skill I am confident that my sale would have fallen through. I needed a pro in my situation, and I am blessed to have chosen them for my most important real estate deal of my life.

Scott Nolind April 29, 2016

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