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Jason V.

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For anyone looking for an agent I cannot recommend Scott Price highly enough. Scott helped my wife and I find our first home during the very difficult summer 2013 housing market. Things I really appreciated were his helpful guidance, clear explanations, patience, and knowledge of the market.

From the beginning Scott broke everything down for us and explained what to expect and how to proceed. It was a very relaxed and professional working relationship. He was always quick to respond either to show us a property, or answer questions over the phone or via email.

We really took a long time to find our place. (Just over a year!) We weren’t in a rush early on, and Scott was patient the entire time. He never tired or stopped helping us whenever we needed him. He was also crucial in these past few month as the market really heated up. It was getting demoralizing bidding on places with 15-20+ competing offers and I really have to thank him for helping us stay optimistic.

Over that time I can attest he also really knows his market. One advantage of taking so long is you get to see how sales unfold. We witnessed several properties that sold where he had estimated the sale price spot on – including ours.

Finally, a huge testament to his professionalism is in how quickly we closed. For me this was probably the most challenging part of buying a home as this is our first and he really made it manageable. He gave us a checklist and stayed in frequent contact with us throughout closing. We followed his advice and wound up closing in exactly 21 days. I understand that’s not the norm, and a lot also depends on your lender, the loan, your finances, escrow, etc., but it was a very smooth and hassle free process for us. Scott guided us through it all and definitely helped make that possible.

Hopefully you found this review helpful. We’ll definitely work with him again in the future and I would send any of my family or friends his way as well.

Jason + Hiroko Van Marle December 1, 2015

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