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Jeff A.

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If you are looking for a listing agent, look no further. Scott and Janice are the way to go. Not only did they manage to sell our condo for a record price in less than two weeks, they couldn’t have made the process any easier, and you couldn’t find two more pleasant people to work with.

From the start, Scott was extremely responsive and detail-oriented. It is baffling to me how few people in business these days take the time to understand your questions and actually answer them. Scott does. All of the questions. Every time. And as first-time sellers, we had a lots of questions. In a seemingly effortless way, he helped us navigate the process from start to finish, explaining along the way whatever we didn’t understand.

The property we sold was occupied by tenants, and we live 45 minutes away. Scott and Janice were there for us whenever we couldn’t be, which was a lot of the time. During escrow, they handled all the appointments with inspector, appraiser, retro-fitter, handyman, you name it. They are very hands-on and organized, so there were no last-minute surprises in the days leading up to escrow closing. They had been so on top of things from the very beginning, we could always feel that we were ahead of the game. This made for a very low-stress sale for us.

Scott and Janice worked around everyone’s schedules with patience and grace, were always polite to everyone involved and never applied any pressure. As a former HOA board member, I’ve had to deal with listing agents before and let me tell you, you cannot take that for granted.

Janice’s warmth and enthusiasm paired with Scott’s charm and keen business sense truly make for a winning combination. It was as if we had picked two trusted friends to handle the transaction for us, friends who just happened to be extremely knowledgeable about real estate. Throughout the process, we felt that they had our best interest at heart. You simply cannot put a price on that kind of peace of mind. You will not regret it if you choose them to represent you.

Jeff + An Amlotte December 1, 2015

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