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Michael G.

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Surely, a newly renovated home nearing completion, but not done – is the hardest real estate sale and in the 2010 selling market even harder. When we partnered – I mean partnered – with Scott and Janice to prep, market, list and sell our home, the conundrum was immediately solved. They literally finished our reno with us – no, For US! – sleeves rolled-up, designer and painters hats on and badda-bing we began our fabulous Open Houses with style.

We had to pow-wow about how to price and then reprice, but we trusted them to find the sweet-spot of a custom home; matching with that perfect buyer. We sold to a great family and additionally Janice and Scott handled a lease back from the new buyers to give us and them the time needed after closing.

List your Home with P+H Price Hou and Associates. Then tell your story, I can’t wait to read it!

Michael G.

Michael G. December 1, 2015

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